I am in Facebook Jail.

I am in Facebook Jail for 24 hours.

The given reason (of course) is that I “violated community standards” for trying to post a meme which certainly could have been considered offensive by some people. But it was posted to a private Facebook group of fewer than 35 persons, none of whom (just guessing) would have taken offense.

Apparently this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Facebook and me, since I’d previously been reprimanded for content posted. Once, for this very well-known Led Zeppelin album cover

…and twice for this not-quite-as-well-known Fleetwood Mac album cover

I think FB finally did admit that the Led Zepp jacket was OK. But really, Facebook… this is beyond stupid. Yes, I know it’s their right to do so as a private company, but the pic I tried to post is something no truly free society or culture would attempt to censor. Which just shows you how far we’ve fallen.

No, I’m not going to report the last-straw offending image here… it was intended for a very limited audience; FB finds even that to be egregious.

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